Top Weddings of 2012 – Part 1

This wedding was held on the 23.11.2012, a bright sunny day it was.

They had a beautiful blend of Red, Black and White matched with a African Highlights

Gorgeous red & black weddingThe African Pots welcome you to the wedding reception grounds


The beautiful assortment of fresh roses


A butterfly wall for the high table to suit the bride’s love for butterflies



A Full view of Kingdom Gardens all done up ūüôā


A happy crowd…


The bridal walk…


100_0421Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Mugambi!!


Here comes December with a BANG!

Finally, it is that time of year that we have all been longing for! It’s the time when we can kick back and relax, we can spend money with the hope to feel guilty later and we can spend as much time away from the desk as possible. But it is also that time when we begin to look back on the past year, its lessons, its pains and its joys…

As December rolls in, I challenge you to take a few more considerations of the bygone 2012;

This year we have seen more terrorism in Kenya that we thought possible.  Contrary to popular belief, a terrorist if not person from a certain country or a certain religion, but it is anyone who sets out to cause terror in the life of another.  Can we reflect on our lives and see if when have ever sought to cause terror to the life of another, to bring heartache on a loved one, or even to manipulate a situation to put your workmate in trouble. Let not 2013 be consumed with as much terrorism as 2012.

Eastleigh Bus Wreckage

This year we saw President Obama go in for a second term, many say the second win is always harder than the first, yet despite the high unemployment rates, he still made it in. The Lesson? Its not always the statistics and figures that win the day, it is the strength and commitment to a vision. What is your vision for 2013?

4 more years…

This year, in Kenya we have seen huge development in our infrastructure particularly our roads. That is truly a milestone; let us reflect on it a little bit. The road has changed but the driver hasn‚Äôt. The road is now smooth and polished, but the driver is as unpolished as possible. The passenger has agreed to what once seemed like subtle manipulation, but now is open exploitation. Today you get in a matatu and pay 100 ksh to be squeezed with 5 others on a 3 person seat. And what do we say‚Ķ.‚ÄĚ Songa songa madam, kila mutu ana haraka‚ÄĚ ! In 2013 let‚Äôs allow development to begin in our minds.


Next year we await the elections. Many of us feel the fear and trepidation that once again our country will be shattered to pieces. As the leaders seek to eat a bigger and bigger share of the pie, the poor of the country eat less and less…..As a Kenyan seated at your desk or at home reading this. What are you doing in your world to influence peace? Don’t be fooled peace is not a treaty to be signed at the UN convention. Peace is a state of mind that begins one individual at a time…Preach peace, be peace and grow peace In 2013.

Preach peace, be peace and grow peace in 2013.


Mapenzi na Ndoa @ Kingdom Gardens

Last Friday on 26th of October, Kingdom Gardens hosted its first wedding related event;

“Mapenzi Na Ndoa @ Kingdom Gardens”

We invited a selection of top wedding specialists dealing with all aspects of wedding planning. From jewellers, to photographers, stationers and designers.  They were able to share with the engaged couple present on how to plan your dream wedding and they also answered all questions the couples may have had regarding planning a wedding. A wealth of knowledge!


Some of the wedding specialist’s; Lavida events, Ben Kiruthi Photography, Imagine this events,Purple tulips, R.Chhaganlal & Son Jewellery & Urban soundz

Our speaker was the wonderful Liz wa Mwai. She shared with the couples on Decision to love Рtwo hearts one love. Every person in that room left with a powerful lesson not only on planning a wedding but more importantly on relationships and marriage.

Liz wa Mwai of ‘Mapenzi na Ndoa’

The couples got very engaged in the discussions that ranged from communication in marriage, to choosing a wedding cake and designing a wedding dress. The specialists got a chance to share what they each do and what is unique about their service.

back -seat view

The funnest part of the day , was voting for the prizes. Each attendee has to read through the love stories of each couple that attended and choose their favourite. The couple with the most votes took home the prize!

The love stories and pictures

All in all it was a beautiful evening shared! see you at the next one!


What to do with daylight ( continued)…

So we had previously mentioned a few activities to get you having fun around Kingdom Gardens.Below are a few more to add to the exciting list;

3) Visit the Nairobi National Museum

The most spectacular fact about the Nairobi National Museum, is that it is know to play host to fossils that were excavated within East African river valleys, which is believed to be the origin of human kind.

As there are three Pillars of Kenya‚Äôs National heritage i.e.¬†Nature,¬†Culture¬†and¬†History,¬†the museum has various exhibitions under each pillar e.g the¬†Cycles¬†of life, human origins and Kenya ecology. You are sure to spend a few¬†enjoyable¬†hours strolling around the various exhibits, each with its fascinating tales…

There is also a snake park in the museum, that is open to everyone who can handle viewing snakes and reptiles of all shapes, sizes and abilities. Get ready for an adrenaline rush while there!

4)  Lastly and most importantly Put your feet up and relax

Next we will visit a few places a bit further away from Kingdom Gardens where you can visit for a day or night. More Fantastic way to spend the daylight coming up. Stay tuned!

What to do with daylight….

Many people ask, what can I do around Kingdom Gardens? What other activities can I enjoy?

To answer your questions, please refer to the list below;

1) Take a nature walk in the Karura Forest

This forest has been classified as an ‘urban forest’ due to its proximity to the city. It remains standing thanks to the effort of Prof Wangari Maathai – A nobel peace prize laureate. Here you will find plenty of nature trails to enjoy, a waterfall, lovely picnic sites by the lakes¬†and mau mau caves that were used in the fight for independence.

2) Play a round of golf at Muthaiga Golf Club or Windsor Golf Resort

Did you know that golf originated in the 15th century Scotland?

Muthaiga Golf club is know as the home of Golf in Kenya and is one of the most prestigious 18 hole championship courses; Winding through the lush woodlands of Karura Forest, Muthaiga Golf Club offers a great ambiance with numerous lakes and ponds.The water features are a breeding ground for Egyptian Geese, monkeys love to frolic around on the course.

Windsor Golf Resort boasts lush, springy fairways, fast, true greens and a sprinkling of attractive water hazards with 73 well located sand bunkers and unforgiving roughs make this course a truly challenging experience. The 18 hole course threads its way through coffee farms and indigenous forests with high and low terrain, giving it character and design quality.

more coming up……

A Cry to Kenyans….

This morning I got onto a matatu, as I always do every morning on my way to work. As you can imagine Kiambu road in the morning is a long trails of cars, matatus and trucks. All over sudden something bewitched the driver and he felt super powerful and confident enough, not only to drive on the wrong side of the road, but to off-road on the complete wrong side of the road.

The point of this story is not to go on an on about what matatus do, but to ask us Kenyans, WHY DO WE ALLOW IT? why do we let matatu’s drivers juggle our lives in¬†their¬†hands. Yet every morning we open the papers and feel sad at the sight of a 20 year old uni student who passed away in a “tragic road accident”. My question is -was it really tragic? didn’t someone openly and¬†obviously¬†realize they were breaking the rules, and¬†didn’t¬†someone else in the matatu care that they were?

Our lives are our¬†responsibility¬†and until we stop our usual nonchalant¬†shrugs at the wrong actions of others, the further we will sink ourselves in a pit of tragedies that really aren’t¬†tragedies,¬†deaths that really shouldn’t have been and foolishness that never should have be allowed.

Next time you get on a matatu and the driver does something out of the line, I beg you SAY SOMETHING, cause your word may save that life of that person who could be your brother, your sister, your child.