We Recently came across a few pointers that can make you relationship that little bit happier. Enjoy the read and let us know your thoughts!


#1 never compare yourself or your partner with so and so…after all she may not be a great cook like so and so, but maybe she has the greatest smile in the world- focus on the good stuff

#2 carry your partner with you like a child drags around their teddy bear, that is…in all your decisions, actions, words and plans consider your teddy bear…

#3 you know what your partner loves best? Whether it’s flowers, a clean car etc? do it more often solely just to get that gleeful smile out of them, it will be worth it!

#4 know when to shut up…you don’t have to speak every thought that comes in your mind…Exercise caution with your words, once they are out of your mouth, they are not easily forgotten.

#5 have a project together, even if it is just a little one like cleaning up the basement. The satisfaction and closeness you develop from working together is worth the effort.


#6; when you are angry put on the same t-shirt (as in get into one t-shirt) and don’t take it off until you are speaking to one another cordially. There is bound to be a lot of laughs on the way.

#7 once in a while see, who can make the biggest burp…it only shows the extent of your comfort-ability with one another

#8 go swimming together as often as you can and get comfortable in your own skin – remember beauty is at least 70% confidence

#9 when you see each other after a day’s work or a time of separation relish those first few moments together and be genuinely happy to see each other. It communicates a lot of love and acceptance to be welcomed by a smiling face and warm hug…any pending issues can be dealt with after

#10 finally, nothing is as powerful praying together…in those moments you will express needs to God that you would never express to each other. There is no higher level of bonding.