What to do with daylight ( continued)…

So we had previously mentioned a few activities to get you having fun around Kingdom Gardens.Below are a few more to add to the exciting list;

3) Visit the Nairobi National Museum

The most spectacular fact about the Nairobi National Museum, is that it is know to play host to fossils that were excavated within East African river valleys, which is believed to be the origin of human kind.

As there are three Pillars of Kenya’s National heritage i.e. NatureCulture and History, the museum has various exhibitions under each pillar e.g the Cycles of life, human origins and Kenya ecology. You are sure to spend a few enjoyable hours strolling around the various exhibits, each with its fascinating tales…

There is also a snake park in the museum, that is open to everyone who can handle viewing snakes and reptiles of all shapes, sizes and abilities. Get ready for an adrenaline rush while there!

4)  Lastly and most importantly Put your feet up and relax

Next we will visit a few places a bit further away from Kingdom Gardens where you can visit for a day or night. More Fantastic way to spend the daylight coming up. Stay tuned!


What to do with daylight….

Many people ask, what can I do around Kingdom Gardens? What other activities can I enjoy?

To answer your questions, please refer to the list below;

1) Take a nature walk in the Karura Forest

This forest has been classified as an ‘urban forest’ due to its proximity to the city. It remains standing thanks to the effort of Prof Wangari Maathai – A nobel peace prize laureate. Here you will find plenty of nature trails to enjoy, a waterfall, lovely picnic sites by the lakes and mau mau caves that were used in the fight for independence.

2) Play a round of golf at Muthaiga Golf Club or Windsor Golf Resort

Did you know that golf originated in the 15th century Scotland?

Muthaiga Golf club is know as the home of Golf in Kenya and is one of the most prestigious 18 hole championship courses; Winding through the lush woodlands of Karura Forest, Muthaiga Golf Club offers a great ambiance with numerous lakes and ponds.The water features are a breeding ground for Egyptian Geese, monkeys love to frolic around on the course.

Windsor Golf Resort boasts lush, springy fairways, fast, true greens and a sprinkling of attractive water hazards with 73 well located sand bunkers and unforgiving roughs make this course a truly challenging experience. The 18 hole course threads its way through coffee farms and indigenous forests with high and low terrain, giving it character and design quality.

more coming up……