A Cry to Kenyans….

This morning I got onto a matatu, as I always do every morning on my way to work. As you can imagine Kiambu road in the morning is a long trails of cars, matatus and trucks. All over sudden something bewitched the driver and he felt super powerful and confident enough, not only to drive on the wrong side of the road, but to off-road on the complete wrong side of the road.

The point of this story is not to go on an on about what matatus do, but to ask us Kenyans, WHY DO WE ALLOW IT? why do we let matatu’s drivers juggle our lives in their hands. Yet every morning we open the papers and feel sad at the sight of a 20 year old uni student who passed away in a “tragic road accident”. My question is -was it really tragic? didn’t someone openly and obviously realize they were breaking the rules, and didn’t someone else in the matatu care that they were?

Our lives are our responsibility and until we stop our usual nonchalant shrugs at the wrong actions of others, the further we will sink ourselves in a pit of tragedies that really aren’t tragedies, deaths that really shouldn’t have been and foolishness that never should have be allowed.

Next time you get on a matatu and the driver does something out of the line, I beg you SAY SOMETHING, cause your word may save that life of that person who could be your brother, your sister, your child.


The little details @Kingdom Gardens


At Kingdom Gardens, we really love to look into the little details. Its not the big things that make us the perfect place to stay, its the tiny little details that often go unnoticed. Like the fresh flowers in your room picked from our very own gardens and rustic railings in your bathroom…